»Tobias Berg is an exceptional craftsman. His guitars have a rich, deep, and bell-like tone, great sustain and a lyrical quality that allows the player to communicate emotion. They are a pleasure to play and are beautiful in their uncomplicated simplicity.«

Scott Tennant,

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Simply beautiful. There is no other way to put it. I own a myriad of other guitars, but this one takes me to another plane. The color, clarity, tone and feel of the guitar are just wonderful. It has spoiled me for playing any other.


So, if that sounds like a glowing review, it is meant to. I made two trips to California to pick out an instrument. I played many, and settled on the Berg.


It plays wonderfully and has actually made me a better player. The instrument is sensitive, and as such made me more aware of my inconsistencies enabling me to rise to the instrument. At the same time the suppleness of the instrument made it easy to discover nuances of the many sounds it is capable of.


I would like to thank the good folks at GSI for their patience with me and also Tobias for the obvious passion he embodies in his instruments. It takes both consummate skill and tremendous passion to do what Tobias has done.


Brett Sutherland

Salt Lake City, USA

Dear Ken and GSI,

I just wanted to drop you a quick message to tell you how happy I am with the Tobias Berg guitar I purchased back in November ’05. I have had the #20 Spruce top for almost 6 months now and it is sounding better and better all the time. The craftsmanship is superb and the materials are top quality. The spruce soundboard is gorgeous. It has a lot of volume and the tone is beautiful. This is my fist spruce top and I have been playing it about two hours per day and I understand what people mean when they say Spruce tops "open up" over time with playing. The trebles have a sweet singing quality and the bases are strong and steady. It really has a voice of it's own! Whenever I pick it up I don't want to put it down. It was the best decision I ever made to buy this guitar. You really helped me narrow down my choices and then played several guitars for me over the phone before I chose the Berg. Thanks for all of your help. I have also exchanged several emails with Tobias since since having the guitar and he is a wonderful person. He is quick to answer questions and he is very knowledgeable about his craft. I wish him all the best!

After trying many strings, I am currently using Savarez Traditional strings(Savarez 520B White Card). The trebles are rectified which makes them steady under the fingers and the tone is full and warm. The intonation is dead on and the sustain is very good. I tend to favor normal tension strings over hard tension - in my mind less tension equals more string vibration which equals more sound. The Savarez 520B's have a lot of great sound and they feel very good to me. The tension is lighter which allows me to articulate phrases clearer since I'm not squeezing so much with the left hand and I can get more tone colors out of the string since it is easier to position the right hand closer to the bridge. It takes a lot less effort to get a good sound out of the guitar than it has on other guitars I've played. But I can still push the guitar hard even with a lower tension and it can handle it beautifully. My wife commented the other day, "...that is best sounding guitar you've ever had." To me the tone, separation and sustain are as good if not better than many of the guitar recordings I have heard.

All in all I couldn't be happier with it! Maybe one day I will think about having a Cedar counterpart, but for now I’m having too much fun with this one...

Thanks again,

Thomas Moorer

South Carolina, USA

I purchased your 2008, Number 44 cedar top guitar from GSI several weeks ago, and I wanted to tell you how happy I am with it.

I was looking for a guitar that was very easy to play.  I lost over twenty years of playing time due to right arm tendonitis and only started playing again about five years ago, so I needed a guitar that is ergonomically friendly in order to keep the tendonitis at bay.

Your Number 44 is very comfortable for me to play.  I also like the smaller body size and light weight.

The sound is also very intriguing.  It's warm, yet also clear and focused - just what I was hoping for.  Also, I guess now I know what a balanced guitar sounds like.  I am hearing so many unexpected nuances I haven't noticed before in pieces I am playing, and the guitar allows me to follow those and explore even further.

As I said to Dave Tate at GSI, you have certainly put a lot of smiles on my face over the last several weeks when playing your guitar!  It hasn't been much fun at times over the last few years trying to get back to a level of proficiency where I could just enjoy playing.  I have come close to quitting several times, but your guitar has given me new hope and energy.  

I just wanted to thank you for that.  I'm sure I will treasure Number 44.

Please continue your wonderful work!

Jay Fuller

Memphis, USA

"Have tried to play two spruce top Tobias Berg guitars since couple years ago, one was from GSI and the other one, #25 was from a guitar shop in Japan. I had been dreaming to find a chance buy myself one of his guitar ever since. It was happened when I found my classical guitarist friend was looking for a new home for this #23 as he had decided to move to 7-strings guitar for his duet repertoires. I took this rare opportunity, and finally couldn't be happier when this guitar arrived at my doorstep.

The Tobias Berg #23 is one of the best guitar I've ever played, it is very light and responsive to every single stroke. The tone is simply amazing, it has a well refined traditional, rich and warm tone. Every single note comes out from this guitar is focused, clear and there is an even balance along and across the strings. The trebles are bold and sparkling and the basses are rounded, deep and punchy. The dynamic range and the tone color palette are wide open from a sweet melancholic tasto to a fierce penetrating ponticello, enhancing the musical character of each pieces I play. I still remember on how the great volume and strong projection were produced to fill the hall where I performed with this guitar at the first time, and it really built confidence for me. That really impressed me as I had a thought that guitars with a smaller traditional body do not have this capability, but now I know that it was totally wrong.

The materials used to build this guitar are superb, the European spruce top has a very fine grain and shows plenty of medullary rays/silking appearance, an evidence that it was perfectly quartersawn, and the rosewood for the back and sides is showing its even and perfect-straight grain. Not to forget the Reischl machine head which looks simple yet classy, and it really does a good job.

Tobias has proven a flawless job on building his guitar, he has an outstanding workmanship level. I can imagine he puts a lot of efforts and his remarkable skills to build his guitars, every details are done precisely. Two pieces of rosewood for the back were joined seamlessly without any center strip and I did really thought it is a one single piece of wood. The neck was setup and carved nicely to give a comfortable feeling for the left hand playability. 

The best thing of all, Tobias is a very humble and thoughtful gentleman. He is very responsible on the guitar he made and every time I seek for his advice or recommendation, he always provides a very positive response, despite I am not the original owner. I do really appreciate that.

Tobias Berg makes some of the best guitars and I hope someday he will become one of the world's greatest guitar builder!"

Reza Gan,



Sorry for the silence! Work has been extremely busy in the last few weeks and I've found that in my spare time all I want to do is play my guitar -- I keep thinking that I need to send you a message, but every time I end up picking up my guitar instead. Though sometimes I will just put it on a stand and look at it for a while, smiling. That may be a sign of madness, but there it is...

I don't quite know how to convey how happy I am with the guitar. Each time I play it, it seems to sound even better than the time before. I think, having played a cedar guitar for a long time, I had some residual fear (no matter how much I denied it) that the spruce might have a "cold" tone to it. Those fears have been banished -- the tone is simply beautiful while giving a clear separation of notes that I'd heard described but didn't fully understand. I also found early on that despite having ample volume when I want it, I am more impressed by how easy it is to play quietly, without losing presence. That is something I've not encountered before, and it's giving me a whole new area to play around in. And it is a lot of fun to play!

There's something else that I can't quite put my finger on, which I find is even more important. I've played other guitars that, while undoubtedly excellent, always felt like good guitars for other people. Though I'm still exploring its capabilities, this guitar really feels like my own -- in a weird way, like I've always had it. It's an odd but very pleasant feeling, and I'm looking forward to playing it for many years to come.

Thank you again for creating this beautiful guitar, and I do hope to stay in touch.

My very best wishes to you and your family,

Andrew Galbraith